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Getting Started

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How it Works


Upload a document in multiple formats such as PDF, Word, Excel etc, and add input values


Document Signer allows users to create digital signatures

1. Draw your signature using a stylus.

2. Upload an image of your signature.

3. Draw your signature using a cursor.


Invite client or vendor or others for signature.

Send a reminder if no action taken.

Receive notification once its signed.

Secure & Legal Binding


We securely store all of your documents behind a firewall.

Every request is authenticated for each document against the user's session.

All communication is safely protected using SSL
( Secure Sockets Layer ) encryption.

All signatures you create with Agreement are legally binding and are recognized in court.

Why Us ?

Easy & Swift

Multiple File Format

Department management

Password and protected folders and files

Bulk delete files and folders

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Teams & Customers

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Beautiful & responsive UI

Our Solution

- Free Solution for all the ad tech partners
- Easy API integration
- Ready made UI ready for the use of Ad tech partners
- Email Support